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About Us

At Soft Rose, we strongly and firmly focus on our mission to manufacture, develop and deliver superior quality products in the market that improves our customer daily life. We are steadfast in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and most important we do what we say! Soft Rose’s three pillars are Customers, Employees, and Quality. Our diversified products are carefully designed to meet our customers needs and taste. It is my strong belief that the success and sustainability of Soft Rose in the market, for over a quarter of a century, lies in our capability to acquire dedicated professionals who work hand in hand. We are offering our employees a climate of responsibility, appreciation, and respect, enabling everyone to develop to their full potential. We treat each other in the way we want to be treated. We all act like owners, treating the Company’s assets as our own and behaving with the Company’s long-term success in mind, with no arrogance or discrimination. Honesty and Integrity are the foundations from which we operate. We take our responsibilities seriously and always strive to do the right thing for the benefit of our customers our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. Greener growth and energy efficiency savings are two of our major initiatives and our key words for the future development of Soft Rose manufacturing, facing the growing pressure on our planet, safeguarding our resources reducing our costs and building the future from today.




We are a leading manufacturer of tissue paper in the country


Achieving Today, What Is Possible Tomorrow

We build brands that people love – and Converting Industry is one of the prominent tissue paper manufacturers and exporters in the UAE. Our custom-built production facility aims at satisfying the unique needs of our varied customers. We offer customized design and production of a wide range of household and away-from-house tissue products including facial tissues, maxi rolls, toilet rolls, fold tissues, table napkins, auto-cut rolls, and interfold tissues.

At Soft Rose, we always pursue perfection in delivering high-quality, manufacturing safe and moisture-absorbing tissues. We have an integrated state-of-art paper converting with highly sophisticated machines which can produce 200 metric tons per month. Being focused on quality, we use only 100% virgin pulp for manufacturing our products. As a growth-oriented industry, we provide our crew with a healthy and happy working atmosphere wherein maximum productivity is yielded.

As a brand, we are passionate about offering our customers only the best; this is reflected in our premium quality range of products.

Numbers That Tell A Story

In addition to our prestigious product, We develop and manufacture a broad range of products satisfying specific customer requirements. We offer our products at an affordable price and exceptional quality as our aim is to establish a long-term relationship with our customers to satisfy them in the future with our selfless service.

A Brand that on Trust

Ultimately, all our efforts are focused on one single objective – to be a brand people can trust. We achieve this by ensuring that we always maintain the highest standards of quality in all our areas of business. We’re leaders in product development, research. We scour the globe, ensuring that we source only the best quality raw materials, and have invested in world-class manufacturing facilities, to uphold the quality levels we’ve committed to.

  • Present in 10+ Countries
    Global Team
  • ISO Certified Company

    Changing the World for the Better

    As we provide our customers a platform to experience stress-free, easy, and transparent dealings, we are earning customer’s trust and interest and thus we have managed to muster a huge client base all over GCC including hospitals, malls, hotels, catering, facility management, leading retailers etc.

    Our mission is to become a globally renowned paper converting industry and to set new benchmarks to serve our customers unconditionally. Apart from serving the Gulf market, we are also engaged in exports to many other countries.


100% High Quality Products

100% Certified Products

Experienced & Qualified Team

Fast And Timley Delivery

Affordable Rates & Prices

Flexible Customization Choices

Our Philosophy

Over a period of time Soft Rose has strategically elevated themselves from a product centric approach to a focused consumer centric approach. The inter-department initiatives of collective drive towards excellence in product innovation and its applications has resulted in acceptance of our products and services by a large number of direct and indirect consumers in the MENA region. Our strong consumer community and their constantly evolving demands are the main source of our innovation. The mission of bringing the best products by regularly enhancing the infrastructure, production, storing facilities, logistics, re-engineering the procedures and policies, training of human capital and process driven vendor selection are on going processes.


Who We Are


  • To be a continuously growing world-class paper-making company
  • Harness our growth potential and sustain profitable growth
  • Deliver high-quality and cost-competitive products and be the first choice of customers
  • Create an inspiring work environment to unleash the creative energy of people


  • To be the preferred partner to tissue converters
  • To be the largest Tissue Manufacturer in the GCC
  • To continue producing Quality Tissue of International standards
  • Pursue continues technological up-gradation, operational efficiency and expansion


  • To be the largest tissue manufacturer in the GCC
  • Achieve customer satisfaction levels on par with world class organizations
  • Make Soft Rose the employer of choice by caring for employees
  • Ensure zero effluent discharge and contribute to improving quality of life
  • Achieve high production efficiency
  • Strive towards efficient environment friendly procedures, sustainability, usage of fresh water and electricity


  • Soft Rose places paramount importance on numerous well-structured
  • Achieve customer satisfaction levels on par with world-class organizations
  • Make Soft Rose the employer of choice by caring for employees
  • Ensure zero effluent discharge and contribute to improving quality of life


Soft Rose is proud to be a leading producer of Jumbo Tissue Paper rolls in the region. At Soft Rose we strongly endorse that flexibility towards the changing market trends will always lead to adaptation. Adaptation in turn will lead to quality and quality will always result in long-term partnership with clients. The ultimate goal is to position Soft Rose “as an ideal and reliable partner in the tissue industry”. Our target has always been clear – constantly evolving by offering quality products, operational superiority and most of all extraordinary customer service. Our focal point in the years to come will be expansion into a third tissue paper mill. This is purely due to the increasing demand for our quality and product standards that clearly defines the trust our clients have in us. The path ahead looks extremely promising and if we continue maintaining and constantly upgrading our own standards, we will only achieve excellence. Our expansion is also in line with the strategy of our parent company to grow our paper production in the industry and in the region. Finally, this message is incomplete without mentioning the priceless contribution of our valued employees who are always considered the pillars our success. Without their valuable knowledge and support our success till date was definitely not possible. We close this note by mentioning the five philosophies that Soft Rose will always follow – Flexibility, Adaptability, Quality, Growth and Partnership. These are the key words that will define our success in the years to come.



Our Facilities


Paper Product Factory

Embodying innovation, hygiene, and comfort, paper products are an essential staple for clean and healthy living. From wiping off dirt to cleaning up messes, Soft Rose’s paper products go a long way in preparing you for life’s everyday surprises, recommended by experts who endorse the best hygiene practices around the globe.

Tissue Facility

Rendering a premium touch of high-end GSM paper infused with super soft comfort, Soft Rose tissues have been crafted to offer high levels of absorbency for your day-to-day usage.

Soft Rose tissues are fabricated at the first and only Touch Free manufacturing facility in the Middle East, with a capacity of a hundred and sixty meters per minute. Using fully-automated cutting-edge German technology, along with an assemblage of rigorous quality checks, these facilities materialize hygiene-based products that meet the highest international standards.

The raw materials that go into making Soft Rose tissues are of premium quality and the tissues are manufactured with a minimal to zero waste management system using recycling technology.

Offering the right combination of highly advanced production techniques, machinery, and standards defined by years of accumulated global expertise, Soft Rose tissues come in both scented and unscented options. These are further distributed to reach customers worldwide through an efficient supply chain.

Hygiene & Other Paper Products Facility

Designed to take care of everyday hygiene, Soft Rose’s paper products strike the perfect balance between softness and absorbency to make day-to-day life more convenient.

Capable of producing premium rolls, with and without embossing, Soft Rose’s paper product facility in Dubai has a patented system for its wrapping machines, and implements advanced Italian technology and high-precision engraved embossing units that can cater to different designs and color combinations. Notching up the line’s efficiency using an Auto-splice function, the factory has the capacity to produce 200 packs a minute – a whole of five hundred and fifty meters in total.

Protecting the environment is as essential as maintaining the highest quality standards. By adopting a diligent approach to recycling, Soft Rose has implemented a zero-waste policy across all paper production facilities. This has been made possible by employing the most modern recycling technology along with an extremely effective dust collection system. The paper products facility also implements a dust and trim extraction system to ensure hygiene and appropriate working conditions. This system comprises state-of-the-art equipment, with a detailed process that involves collecting and recycling waste materials in a way that both the finished product and the environment are pollution free.

To maintain our timeless promise of offering quality and hygiene, regular quality checks are set to ensure that we always adhere to the most superior standards of quality. This is further re-emphasised by the extensive range of ISO certifications acquired.

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