Aluminum Foil & Cling Film

Aluminum Foil & Cling Film

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Item Code Description Packing
FOL-30 Alum. Foil Catering 30 CM 1×6
FOL-45 Aluminium Foil Catering 45CM 1×6
FOL-45SM Aluminium Foil Smiley 45CM 1×6
FOL-200 Lepac Alum. Foil 200SFTx30CM 1×12
FOL-1503 Lepac Alum. Foil 150Mx30CM 1×6
FOL-1504 Lepac Alum. Foil 150mx45CM 1×6
CLF-3030 Cling Film 300Mx30CM 1×6
CLF-3045 Cling Film 300Mx45CM 1×6
CLF-6045 Cling Film 600Mx45CM 1×6
CLF-30TR Cling Film 30CM TR 1×6
CLF-45TR Cling Film 45CM TR 1×6


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    Aluminum Foil & Cling Film

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