Paper Product Factory

Embodying innovation, hygiene and comfort, paper products are an essential staple for clean and healthy living. From wiping off dirt to cleaning up messes, Soft Rose’s paper products go a long way in preparing you for life’s everyday surprises, recommended by experts who endorse the best hygiene practices around the globe.

Tissue Facility

Rendering a premium touch of high-end GSM paper infused with super soft comfort, Soft Rose tissues have been crafted to offer high levels of absorbency for your day-to-day usage.

Soft Rose tissues are fabricated at the first and only Touch Free manufacturing facility in the Middle East, with a capacity of a hundred and sixty metres per minute. Using fully-automated cutting-edge German technology, along with an assemblage of rigorous quality checks, these facilities materialise hygiene-based products that meet the highest international standards.

The raw materials that go into making Soft Rose tissues are of premium quality, and the tissues are manufactured with a minimal to zero waste management system using recycling technology.

Offering the right combination of highly advanced production techniques, machinery and standards defined by years of accumulated global expertise, Soft Rose tissues come in both scented and unscented options. These are further distributed to reach customers worldwide through an efficient supply chain.

Hygiene & Other Paper Products Facility

Designed to take care of everyday hygiene, Soft Rose’s paper products strike the perfect balance between softness and absorbency to make day-to-day life more convenient.

Capable of producing premium rolls, with and without embossing, Soft Rose’s paper product facility in Dubai has a patented system for its wrapping machines, and implements advanced Italian technology and high-precision engraved embossing units that can cater to different designs and color combinations. Notching up the line’s efficiency using an Auto-splice function, the factory has a capacity to produce 200 packs a minute - a whole of five hundred and fifty meters in total.

Protecting the environment is as essential as maintaining the highest quality standards. By adopting a diligent approach to recycling, Soft Rose has implemented a zero wastage policy across all paper production facilities. This has been made possible by employing the most modern recycling technology along with an extremely effective dust collection system. The paper products facility also implements a dust and trim extraction system to ensure hygiene and appropriate working conditions. This system comprises state-of-the-art equipment, with a detailed process that involves collecting and recycling waste materials in a way that both the finished product and environment are pollution free.

To maintain our timeless promise of offering quality and hygiene, regular quality checks are set to ensure that we always adhere to the most superior standards of quality. This is further re-emphasised by the extensive range of ISO certifications acquired.

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